Hi, My name is Monica. 
I’ve started Crazy Love Cats because cats have been my biggest passion and love for over 20 years, just my whole life. Our household is full of pets, my husband Robert and I have 4 cats and dog. Very important factor for me is quality that’s why  I’m constantly developing skills and knowledge by reading a lot of specialize books and qualify articles, watching films about cats behavior.
I’m extremely dedicated to this work and I’m trying give one hundred percent of my commitment to furry friends.
I organize Free Neet and Greet. Number one purpose during this meetings is to recognize all of the needs of my future clients, built trust and security and ensure that passion and skills can provide to your friend great care.
Almost 80 percents of my clients come from the referrals, the reason of this is simple, for me this work is my love, my fulfillment. Sometimes my friends joking that cats referral themself.
Nothing brings me more joy, happiness, bigger satisfaction than being around cats and smile of my client faces when they see their happy cats.